Chef Morgan



Meet the Owner of Empirical Cuisines, Chef Morgan Teianne

Chef Morgan is a full time entrepreneur and private chef, based in D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia. She has been passionate and dedicated since she was 12 years young, Chef Morgan studied Advanced Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management at Stratford University, while working management positions and being a mother.


In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to music, watching her favorite cooking shows, and spending quality time with her little ones. Morgan is a mother of two, an 8-year old daughter, and 1-year old son. Chef Morgan also excelled experience over the years, while working under several restaurants such as R.P.M Italian, Copper Canyon Grill, Founding Farmers and more.

"This pandemic has changed the world, and that is what I desire to do with my passion. Allowing my clients to feel safe and happy is grand. I want to share my passion and integrity of southern influence with others."


Morgan adores her passion for cooking and is honored to share her culinary skill with others. Her mission is to satisfy clients with her delectable touch on comfort foods, as well as giving an gratifying experience. "My cooking is always a memorable experience, and my food is an absolute delight to anyone that comes across it."