Chef Morgan

Chef Morgan's journey into the culinary industry began as young as 12 years old. Cooking became an inspiration for her from always being in charge of taking care of her younger siblings."I would cook my mother's filet tenderloins and marinated poultry cuts that she use to purchase from some local meat suppliers, not knowing what I was doing. My mother asked me to stop using them because they're expensive and I never cooked them properly but that didn't stop me."


Chef Morgan was born in southeast Washington, D.C. and raised in Maryland, with a Caribbean background and the influence of her former stepfather Patrick. He taught her recipes from his culture and she carries it on. Chef Morgan studied Advanced Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management at Stratford University in Alexandria, Virginia.


She met her mentor Chef JR Robinson of KitchenCray one day while waitressing in 2015 and accepted his guidance and coaching, gaining even more experience in the kitchen.

Morgan worked in hospitality for years, however she mainly worked Front-of-House positions to gain knowledge of guest interaction, steps of service, wine pairing, and other fundamentals. During her spare time she continues to self teach herself knowledge of many culinary trades. Morgan continues to pursue her career in the DC Metropolitan area.


-Charles Swindoll

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